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February 2022 - The Revised Highway Code 

You will have seen headlines about changes which have upset some motorists. What are they?

The basic change is placing road users most at risk in the event of a collision”, at the top of the hierarchy requiring the most protection.

This will challenge many of our current motoring behaviours and will take time to bed in. A concise summary of the changes is available @

Cycling UK, which campaigned many years for these changes, has published a 2.5 minute YouTube video which visualises many of the key changes really well.

How can we as cyclists help?

 How about :  As most of us are also motorists we can take a lead by learning the new rules and putting them into practice.

 For example:

Consider the driver in the blue car intending to turn left this junction. 

A question. You know what most drivers would probably do now but what should he/she do in future?

Answer: See H2 - Rule for drivers, motorcyclists, horse drawn vehicles, horse riders and cyclists.

At a junction you should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which or from which you are turning.


Advert : By joining Cycling UK will help support their future campaigning.

Posted by Ashley McCraight 

 November 2021 Cheshire Police's Close Pass operation

Cheshire Police are taking the safety of cyclists seriously and a few weeks ago PC Lee Spencer ran a ‘Close Pass’ educational operation locally. PC Mike Henry rode the ‘unmarked’ bike’ around Frodsham, Helsby & Kingsley supported by five other officers including local PCSO’s Neil Flanagan & Lauren Davies and & a fireman. I observed an extremely well managed operation as a result of which quite a number of motorists were stopped and invited back to Frodsham Fire Station, where it was explained when a pass was ‘too close’ i.e. less than 1.5 m. The photo shows the marked mat.

Close Pass mat Frodsham Fire station Oct 2021

Importantly Cheshire Police has limited resources to carry out these ‘resource hungry’ operations but their commitment is clear as they have run a similar operation in Winsford with a horse & rider and two cycle versions in Saughall & Congleton.

If you want to see plenty of other near misses just explore this website showing ‘Near Miss of the day’. Check out No. 656 as a great example.

Posted by Ashley McCraight. 21st November 2021 


4th October 2021 : 'Ditching the car' 

This is an extract from Dr Patrick Eakin's story on how he ‘ditched his car’ and loved it! 

Firstly, a disclaimer - I don’t think of myself as ‘cyclist’. One of the oddest things about selling my car and commuting to work on a bicycle is that to others you instantly become a ‘cyclist’. Those who know me well understand that nothing could be further from the truth. I have however, over the past year come to realise that nearly every preconception I had about riding a bicycle was wrong and I now want to encourage others to give it a go too.

 He continues ….

 However as a GP, I also needed to be able to get to home visits during the day, and I wasn’t sure how I would go about bringing my lunch into work. Lots of barriers in my mind existed to justify not changing what I had always done. But change does not have to be big, or done all in one go, and so I picked a Tuesday morning in February 2020 and decided I would try cycling to work.


And as a GP he has a health message for everyone.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t leave you with some medical guidance as food for thought. The Chief Medical Officer recommends that adults should be active daily, with at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) over a week, as well as strength building activity twice a week. Yet 33% of men and 45% of women don’t reach this target and more worryingly, 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women do less than 30 minutes of any physical activity a week. Building activity into our daily lives, such as cycling to work or the shops, is a simple way to improve our health without needing to carve out time from our busy schedules.

It must be worth a go!

The full article Ditching the car is here

And the question is  'How much fruit and veg can Patrick get in has panniers?    This much :