Cheshire Police's Close Pass operation

21st November 2021 — Cheshire Police are taking the safety of cyclists seriously

A few weeks ago PC Lee Spencer ran a ‘Close Pass’ educational operation locally. PC Mike Henry rode the ‘unmarked’ bike’ around Frodsham, Helsby & Kingsley supported by five other officers including local PCSO’s Neil Flanagan & Lauren Davies and & a fireman. I observed an extremely well managed operation as a result of which quite a number of motorists were stopped and invited back to Frodsham Fire Station, where it was explained when a pass was ‘too close’ i.e. less than 1.5 m. The photo shows the marked mat.

Close Pass Mat Frodsham Fire Station Oct 2021

Importantly Cheshire Police has limited resources to carry out these ‘resource hungry’ operations but their commitment is clear as they have run a similar operation in Winsford with a horse & rider and two cycle versions in Saughall & Congleton.

If you want to see plenty of other near misses just explore this website showing ‘Near Miss of the day’. Check out No. 656 as a great example.

Posted by Ashley McCraight. 21st November 2021