Cheshire West and Chester Council ask for feedback from residents on Infrastructure Plan

21st July 2020 — Cheshire West and Chester Council has developed a user-friendly website inviting all residents to ‘have their say’

You will not be surprised to hear that CWaC is placing even more emphasis on making changes to Highways which will encourage more people to walk or cycle to either work or school than before Covid hit us all. As a consequence of which not only have so many people taken up cycling and walking for exercise but a high proportion of commuters will no doubt continue to do so in future, if it is safe enough.

So in addition to the feedback CNC and other groups/residents provided to CWaC in January as part of the LCWIP process, the Council  has developed a user-friendly website inviting all residents to ‘Have their say’ directly with them.

The web-link below takes you to a map of the Borough on which you will see a few pins for our area. This was the situation on 21st July :

This provides any resident an opportunity to identify specific locations which they consider to be unsafe for either pedestrians or cyclists and also to suggest what should be done to reduce the risks. Very importantly this approach has the major advantage that anyone can see the whole picture for the Borough and also either add, reinforce or qualify what another person has said previously. You will see that Cllrs. Lynn Riley & Andrew Dawson have ‘pinned’ quite a number of locations with important specific reasons for the need. Patrick Eakin has pinned another recommendation for a safer crossing to be installed for cyclists outside the Helsby High School entrance and I have reinforced this by pinning a suggestion near Patrick’s to reduce the speed limit on the A56 by the school to 20 mph.

You will be aware that Cycle North Cheshire is working very hard to influence CWaC to allocate a fair proportion of its budget to improving the safety of our local infrastructure. To this end it would really help if you could add you own pins at locations you believe are unsafe for both cyclists & pedestrians. Having added a few pins myself I appreciate that each one takes a bit of time, but please add a few more as they may help make that difference.

As a resident, you will need to register with CWaC via the web-link before you can add pins but this is a fairly straightforward process. You can be assured that your email addresses will not be in the public domain and if you wish you can also use a pseudonym. I have added ‘Cycle North Cheshire member’ to mine to help maintain CNC’s profile.  

It would also help if you could ask friends, neighbours and other groups with whom you have links to participate themselves.  Over to you!

Posted 21.07.20 : Prepared by Ashley McCraight