Exciting new plans for safer A56 published

30th January 2021 — Have your say on the new proposals

Proposed improvements for cycling & walking between Frodsham & Helsby.

CNC welcomes the Council’s recognition of the need and plans to improve the safety of the A56 between Helsby and Frodsham as described in a smart survey which has now closed and resulted in a succesful outcome. This is the first step in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure plan to create a continuous route for residents of all ages to be able to cycle or walk safely between the Halton border and Helsby.

So what were the proposals?

They are described in Section 3 of the CWaC questionnaire and in the Engineering design. In summary the main improvements include:

  • Segregated cycle tracks between Netherton Hall & Helsby HS
  • Widened footpath on the A56 by Castle Park
  • A new Toucan crossing for cyclists & pedestrians at Helsby HS       
  • Speed limit reduced to 40 mph along the whole route
Will the design meet official standards?

The Department for Transport issued an excellent Guide (LTN 1/20) to Cycling & Walking Infrastructure in July, which states in the ‘Introduction’ that :

“proposed schemes will be checked against the summary principles before funding is agreed and finished schemes will be inspected for compliance.”

CNC has checked some aspects of the design which shows that this guide has been used as a benchmark. An example is that the segregated cycle track design meets the required 1.5m minimum width requirement and will have a ‘desirable’ 1.0m safety buffer zone between the track and the road.

Posted 31.01.21 by : Ashley McCraight & Steve Pemberton.