Potholes and highway maintenance

Potholes & poor road surfaces - February 2021

As we all get out on the roads again after the pretty dire weather we had until recenty, you can't fail to notice that they have taken a battering.

Fortunately Cheshire West have made available a really neat App to report faults on our roads or overhanging hedges etc. Just search for 'CWAC Report it' in your App store and it pops up.Then set it up.


When you spot a fault, as I did yesterday at the bottom of the Yeld, where a drain had collapsed you just open the App, take & submit a photo on the spot with a brief description.

And I was back on my bike inside two minutes with the hill to look forward to.      

Pretty soon afterwards you will recieve an email confirmation of your report  and it wll show in the RHS 'Report it Log' on the App.

We recently took up the matter of the dangerous state of some roads, with CWaC's Active Travel Forum and will let you know the outcome.  

You can also report faults using the CWaC website but this is a much slower process.


Members will be aware that we launched a campaign in 2018 of reporting potholes directly to CWaC, once it learned that Local Authorities have a legal obligation to repair potholes deeper than 4 cm. This campaign was successful with approx. 200 potholes being reported.

Our experience is that potholes deeper than the legal limit of 4cm are repaired within a few weeks and overhanging branches tend to be removed quite promptly.

If you spot any really dangerous sections of road please post them on our facebook page as we log & watch these. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1800561716933047/ 

To state the obviousIf they are not reported, potholes will not be repaired.

Prepared by Ashley McCraight

Page updated - 22 March 2021

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