Cycling Strategy 

A.  Town - Specific


The following town/parish strategies are intended to dove-tail together.  They are produced by the communities of Helsby and Frodsham.  They also link into the wider perspectives, proposals and aspirations set out by the forum in the documents in part B below.

Cycling Strategy for Helsby


Helsby Cycle Strategy (Sept 2017).


Cycling Strategy for Frodsham


A Cycle Strategy for Frodsham. This is the cycle strategy drawn up on 2018 proposed for inclusion in the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan (see for more details and status of the Frodsham neighbourhood plan).  (Published October 2018).



B. Wider Perspectives


Proposals have been drafted to join together the town-specific proposals and incorporate these proposals into a wider area:


North Cheshire/A56 corridor strategy



Cycle route to Helsby High School from Frodsham




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